Counseling services and psychological testing / assessments for individuals, families, and couples of all ages.

"The world will ask who you are, and if you don't know the world will tell you" - Carl Jung

We at Entwine are here to assist in finding you..
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What humans want is not happiness. They want justice; they want meaning."

We meet people where they are and walk alongside them to where they want to be. We start with an individualized assessment of presenting issues and past concerns; acknowledging that the past has the ability to alter thoughts, emotions and behaviors in the present. 

Services We Provide

Individual Therapy

Experience personal growth and learn to manage mental illness symptoms.

Couples Therapy

Learn how to communicate your feelings and needs with your partner and build a relationship that can weather any storm.

Family Therapy

We help families grow together by helping each member grow their own identities within the family unit.


Receive mental health services remotely through the use of telecommunication services.

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