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Entwine is a client-based outpatient clinic dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction by providing clients with useful coping and communication skills to aid in positive growth. Counseling services are offered to individuals, families, and couples, with a special focus on attachment and trauma. A friendly and creative atmosphere are important features to the counseling relationship with respect to diversity and evidence-based practices. Additionally, psychological testing and assessments are offered.

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Entwine sets itself apart from other mental health clinics in four distinct ways. First, we draw from attachment-relationship research that indicates the best predictors of personal growth require a thorough understanding of the early attachment-caregiver relationships which may have a life-long negative impact on future relationships. Second, we meet our clients where they are at, this means we do not lead the session, the client does. Third, we tailor evidence-based treatments to children, adolescents, and adults from all walks of life including but not limited to those in foster care or adoptive care, those whose families have experienced trauma, those diagnosed with specific mental health disorders, and those who have experienced significant loss. Fourth, we use our knowledge and experience to help others in the community and at large by providing workshops, seminars, and group trainings.

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