Dr. Lisa Keller Psy.D, LP- MN, LPCC-ND

Provider & Co-Owner of Entwine Counseling Services

I have a checkerboard history of working in the medical field, teaching college courses, providing counseling and administering psychological tests. I specialize in psychological testing and in counseling for anxiety,  depression, obsessive compulsiveness, perfectionism and severe mental illnesses. I’ve completed EMDR training and  I hold certifications as a Trauma Level I & II provider. I rely on the methodologies of CBT, DBT, and Reality Therapy – though use other intervention methods as necessary for client growth. I am versed in American Indian evidence based interventions/treatments. I am certified as a Domestic Violence group leader (Phoenix Program Duluth). The fun side of me enjoys arts and crafts, traveling, and spending time with my children and grandchildren. I love to laugh and often use humor in my sessions. I am an innovator and I am persistent, highly organized, logical, self-disciplined, resilient, and empathic.


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